ASA White 900GR

ASA Filament White 900GR:
ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) filament is a thermoplastic material designed for 3D printing that shares many characteristics with ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), but with significant improvements.

  • Superior Mechanical Strength.
  • Advanced Dimensional Stability.
  • Outdoor Durability.
  • High Heat Tolerance.

Presentation: ASA filament in 1kg presentation.

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Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 19.3 × 6 cm

Printing Tips & Description

Temp: 205-215 Standard Printers.
Temp: 220-240 High speed printers, remember that although the pla is not for such high temp but when printing at high speed the material is not affected, its crystallization point is higher.
Speed: Our filament is made with PLA 850 material which is for better finish, higher resistance and made for high speed.
Up to 400 mm/s has been tested, remember that you can vary the speed with volumetric speed, it is always recommended to test when you handle these two types of speeds in the slider.

Temp: 230-245
Speed: up to 350mm/s
Layer Fan: Depends on your machine, but if they are not bamboo we recommend 0-10% layer fan or turbine.
Bed: 70 Degrees
Filling: It will always depend on the part you are making.

Temp: 220-230
Speed: Non high speed machines: 35-40 mm/s for best quality.
Filling: Depends on how flexible you want the part to be. Filling is between 5-12%.
Bed: 65 degrees}

Temp: 240-250
Speed: Up to 300mm/s
Coating Fan: on certain printers by test 0% - 20%.
Bed: 100 degrees for the first 15 minutes before printing and then down to 80 at the start of printing
Filling: Depends on the part
It is recommended that the machine is closed or in a place where it does not receive air currents and change the temp as it can create warping and cracking in the piece.

Temp: 250-260 degrees
Bed: 80 degrees
Speed: up to 300mm/s
Ventilation: 80%.
Filling: Depends on the part and the maker


ASA Filament:
ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) filament is a thermoplastic material designed for 3D printing that shares many characteristics with ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), but with significant improvements. Like ABS, ASA is known for its exceptional mechanical strength, durability and dimensional stability. However, ASA offers greater weather resistance and better color retention under UV light exposure, making it ideal for exterior and long-lasting applications. Additionally, ASA has a lower tendency to warping and better interlayer adhesion compared to ABS, resulting in higher quality and more accurate prints.
Key Features:
Superior Mechanical Resistance: ASA filament stands out for its exceptional mechanical resistance, guaranteeing the creation of robust and durable pieces for your projects.
Advanced Dimensional Stability: With a minimal shrinkage rate and excellent resistance to thermal deformation, the ASA ensures the production of high-quality, accurate prints.
Outdoor Durability: ASA is highly resistant to the effects of weather, including ultraviolet light and weather elements, making it perfect for long-lasting, outdoor applications.
High Heat Tolerance: With exceptional ability to withstand elevated temperatures, ASA is the optimal choice for printing conditions that demand thermal resistance.
Technical specifications:
Presentation: ASA Filament in 1kg presentation.
Recommended Printing Temperature: An extrusion temperature between 230°C and 250°C is suggested to achieve optimal results.
Versatile Print Speed: Although print speed varies depending on printer settings and part design, the ASA allows printing at speeds of 40-300 mm/s.
Optimal Adhesion: A bed temperature between 90°C and 110°C is recommended to ensure optimal adhesion and reduce warping problems.
Experience the exceptional quality and durability that ASA can bring to your creations. Order today and discover why the ASA is the preferred choice of 3D printing professionals!


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